Hope for Claire

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Dear Friends,

My aunt, Claire Missanelli, who has been battling Stage IV breast cancer for 8 years, has recently become terminally ill and is in serious need of treatment. The situation is life-and-death – now is the time to act. Claire’s doctors have explained that she only has 4 months to live unless she gets a particular form of treatment. This news has devastated her family and friends, but it has also united us in the fight for her life. The treatment Claire needs is highly effective in cases like hers; unfortunately, it is also extremely expensive, not covered under any insurance or other form of health care, and requires her to attend a very specialized clinic.

Claire’s family and friends are not giving up. We are going to do everything to get Claire the treatment she needs. Her life is priceless.

I am reaching out to you for a donation to my aunt Claire’s cause to help save her life. All contributions are significant and all will be sincerely appreciated. Please visit our donation site here. If you prefer to donate through PayPal, please select the “gift” option under the “Personal” tab when sending your contribution to avoid servicing fees.

Please share this message and website with as many of your friends and family as possible. Thank you so much for your donation, your compassion and understanding.

In deepest gratitude,

Nicola Molinaro


Donate Today!

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One Response to Hope for Claire

  1. Jasmine says:

    I love Claire – her energy, her work and her smile!
    If it’s not too crass to ask, what’s the minimum we need to raise for treatment? Love Jasmine x

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